Who works with the hands is a worker,
who works with the hands and the head is a craftsman

Jordi de pinturajordi eng

Seriousness, quality and commitment in each and every project carried out

We are a young and dynamic company with 25 years at your service. By striving to do a good job day after day, our customers have thanked us for the effort.

Feeling passion for what we do and for a job well done, at Pintura Jordi we know how to understand the needs of each client. That is why we offer a wide range of possibilities and finishes to realize and with the experience of every day we can make your imagination come true and solve the problems that may arise when doing the work.

We are up to date with new techniques, we attend different schools of decorative painting in Spain and France and we participate in different courses and events that are held everywhere, obtaining remarkable qualifications. All this with qualifications to meet the demands of the market. Pintura Jordi tries to ensure as much as possible his projects with the knowledge obtained in the schools and courses taken. To be able to ensure your work with a high quality, personalizing it and, at the end, obtaining a work of art.