lime stucco

We offer a great variety of stuccoes of lime: sgraffito, Scraped, imitation stone, smooth Stuccoes I other alternatives.

Graduate for several houses of paintings I for the school aldecort; given by the Teacher Manuel Gracia.

  • Lime stucco
  •  Lime fence with sgraffito
  • Stucco to lime ladder
  • Lime plaster wall
  • Lime stucco smooth wall
  • Kitchen Stucco
  • Kitchen stucco
  • Red lime stucco
  • Brown lime stucco
  • Lime stucco with flower pattern
  • Cal stucco with marble print
  • Cal stucco with decorative graphics
  • Lime stucco with different textures
  • Cal stucco marble effect
  • Decorative lime stucco
  • Cal stucco with golden decorations
  • Cal stucco with sgraffito